ATEX 3G Lift Truck Conversions for Zone 2 (Active)

Pyroban can convert materials handling equipment for safe use in Zone 2 hazardous areas in a range of applications where gas and vapour ignition risk exists. We also provide full support through the working life of the “Zone 2 lift truck”, anywhere.

The use of gas detection on vehicles in Zone 2 hazardous areas is usually the best option, so the driver is made aware of an accidental release of gas or vapour.

Pyroban’s system6000 combines gas detection with various explosion protection methods and complements the latest technologies seen in lift truck design including energy performance and ergonomics. It is suitable for all types of diesel and electric materials handling equipment such as VNA, pallet, picking, counterbalance and reach truck designs.

Pyroban conversions are designed for reliable and efficient performance in tough environments and eliminate the ignition risk, keeping workers and assets safe. All Pyroban products are certified to ATEX 2014/34/EU & UKSI 2016 No. 1107 typically following standard EN1755, and in accordance with ISO3691.

ATEX conversions for forklifts, pallet and reach trucks, VNA, pickers…

We will develop an active explosion protection package to offer maximum safety with the minimum of impact on your truck. We ensure that the truck’s original ergonomics and specification is retained so that the conversion has the smallest impact possible on the day to day use of your lift truck.

If gas/vapour is detected at 10% LEL the driver gets visual/audible warnings and should drive away from the area warning any colleagues of the imminent danger.

If gas/vapour levels rise to 25% LEL the truck will automatically be brought to a controlled stop preventing any explosions and protecting the driver and site.

We also provide a Category 3G / D hybrid option where the equipment also needs to operate in both Zone 2 and Zone 22 hazardous areas.

Features – common for diesel and electric

System6000 conversions typically include the following:

  • Forced gas test at start-up of truck to ensure system integrity and calibration
  • Control module providing continuous interface to the truck operator confirming whether the area is safe and system is ok
  • Infrared or Pellistor gas sensing head certified for use with gas groups IIA or IIB
  • Temperature monitoring of hot surfaces to T3 200degC or T4 135degC (including brakes & hydraulic fluid)
  • All arcing, sparking and hot components are risk assessed and fitted with restricted breathing enclosures to restrict the ingress of any flammable gas/vapour
  • Truck forks are cladded with a non-sparking material (stainless steel)

Features – diesel additions

In addition to the above, System6000 diesel conversions also feature the following:

  • Surface temperature limitation to ensure the engine and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures (T Class) of flammable materials
  • Inlet shutdown valve for automatic and manual shutdown
  • Water cooled exhaust gas cooler to limit surface and exhaust temperatures

NOTE: An amendment to EU Emissions Regulations (97/68/EC Directive) was published in September 2016 which states that the EU ‘may authorise, on request by an OEM, the placing on the market of engines that meet Stage III A emission limit values, provided that those engines are intended for use in non-road mobile machinery to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres as defined in…Directive 2014/34/EU


We understand that our customers need maximum up time and that the harsh locations they operate in may mean special training or certification is required. We Support our customers throughout the lifecycle of the equipment with a highly experienced and qualified team of Service technicians.

What is Zone 2?

If you need to know more about Zone 2, you can find out on our what is Zone 2 ATEX page.

Alternatively, we can support you by visiting your site, or over the phone, no matter how much experience you have of hazardous areas.