Applications handling flammable materials

In applications handling flammable gases, liquids (vapours) or combustible/conductive powders, there is a potential explosion risk. Typical applications exist in the chemical or oil and gas supply chains, but the risks exist throughout many other supply chains including nuclear, manufacturing, recycling, ports and even boat building.

Pyroban provides a range of explosion protection services to help manage the risk and remove the sources of ignition found on mobile equipment.

Explosion protection for lift trucks

For lift trucks, reach trucks, pallet and stacker trucks, VNA and pickers, Pyroban provides solutions for:

Explosion protection for cranes, access platforms, scrubber driers…

For Cherry Pickers, scissor lifts, cranes, access platforms, scrubber driers, tractors and more, Pyroban provides ATEX compliant conversions for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22

Added Safety for lift trucks and plant equipment

For areas outside of formally classified areas, Pyroban provides added safety systems for mobile equipment incorporating gas detection and shutdown features.