Oil and Gas applications

The risk of explosion exists in oil and gas operations throughout the value stream. Pyroban provides a range of explosion protection products and services to help manage the risk and remove the sources of ignition found in diesel engines and mobile equipment in offshore oil and gas installations and onshore refineries and petrochemical plants.

Diesel engine explosion protection

Diesel engines are used in Zone 2 areas offshore to power temporary well service and maintenance equipment such as coiled tubing units (CTU), cementing units, air compressors and production environments for fire fighting pumps, emergency and essential generators. Pyroban provides:

Mobile equipment explosion protection

Lift trucks, mobile cranes and access platforms are used in Zone 2 areas offshore and also in Zone 1 and 2 areas in onshore refineries and plants, often where hard to reach maintenance and component exchange needs to take place. Pyroban provides: