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As explosion protection consultants, we help OEMs and businesses solve their Ex certification requirements, whether it’s a one-off project or to develop an Ex certified (ATEX, IECEx, UKEX) version of their product so they can win business in hazardous area applications. 


Bespoke mechanical and electrical ATEX / IECEx / UKEX product support

If you have a one-off requirement for an Ex certified product or assembly and don’t have the time or experience to undertake the project, Pyroban’s EXSolutions team can help.

Our 50 years of expertise in bespoke explosion protection solutions across a range of electrical and non-electrical equipment provides customers the confidence to explore market growth opportunities for their existing products.

For example, if you need a populated explosion proof enclosure but don’t know how to achieve the full certification requirements, we can undertake the project for you and deliver a completed product ready to install with all associated documentation and approvals.

Whether it’s all electrical, all mechanical or a mixture of both we have the experience to support the project.

Want to launch an Ex version of your existing product line ?

No matter how much explosion protection experience your team has, we can guide you through the whole process so that you can add an Ex version to your product range.

Pyroban’s EXSolutions business allows customers with little or no explosion protection expertise to develop an Ex certified version of their product and place the product on the market with full confidence that the product meets the required certification requirements and can be managed through the full product lifecycle once launched. Clients can effectively “piggy back” on Pyroban’s depth and breadth of experience.

The Ex product development process that lowers certification costs

Pyroban EXSolutions’ engineering and compliance team works with your teams to firstly evaluate the standard product and determine how it can be developed into an Ex certified version for the target market(s). EXSolutions helps develop a practical solution from design, component selection, manufacturing and assembly, and testing using the most appropriate Ex protection concepts.

EXSolutions does not certify the product but supports the complete certification process through to product launch, helping OEMs get to market faster and with the lowest possible certification costs.

EXSolutions can train the client’s staff involved in the Ex product to ensure the design and production control measures are fully embedded.

The new Ex product is placed onto the market by the customer with the required marking, documentation, and certification such as ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx or UKEX with UKCA marking.

Certification projects, due to different levels of testing involved, can run for several months. That’s why it is important to keep the projects focused to ensure they are completed to schedule. Our compliance team maintains close contact with the test laboratories and the client’s teams to ensure priorities are maintained for the project. Progress reports are issued to ensure all parties are informed of project status. Our familiarity with the certification process means that we can save you time and money and help you avoid the pitfalls associated with the development and certification of Ex Equipment when using 3rd party organisations.

Managing the ATEX / IECEx / UKEX product lifecycle

As product changes are a normal business process, EXSolutions can continue to support the product lifecycle through assessment of proposed changes and their impact on the Ex certification. We help ensure that the Ex compliance remains in place as the product evolves.


Service delivered by Pyroban’s EXSolutions team:

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We provide ATEX / IECEx / UKEX (with UKCA marking) solutions for all types of mechanical and electrical products such as transmissions, well service equipment, vehicles, MEWPS, reciprocating engines, gas turbines, electric motors, automation equipment, AGVs, robotics, mining equipment, plant, general manufacturing machinery, compressors……. and more.



Battery manufacturer Midac extended its forklift battery range to include explosion proof batteries with the help of Pyroban’s Ex-Solutions Consulting team. Download Case Study


Pyroban MIDAC batteries

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