Explosion proof lighting design and installation (ATEX / UKEX)

Workplace lighting in industrial applications needs to provide the right levels of light directed into the right areas, particularly in hazardous environments where safety is paramount.

With deep understanding of explosion proof lighting and equipment, Pyroban provides detailed lighting design and installation services that are engineered for use in hazardous area zones ensuring compliance, energy efficiency, low maintenance and high levels of performance to optimise lifetime operating costs.


Our lighting solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications including onshore and offshore processing, manufacturing, storage and many other hazardous area applications whether it be Distilleries, Utilities, Chemicals, Food or Pharmaceutical.


New installations or replacement explosion proof lighting

Pyroban’s installation services support businesses creating new facilities or manufacturing operations or indeed those with existing applications where the lighting may be failing, old and inefficient, or simply not bright enough.

Often, an upgrade to LED technology brings significant improvements in both performance and energy saving in hazardous area applications.

Our goal is to deliver the optimum functional performance for the explosion proof lighting system with due consideration for the activities taking place in each hazardous area, including the work patterns, areas where shadows may occur, and the levels and type of light required in specific areas to enhance the working environment for operators and staff.



Explosion proof lighting design process

We first define the overall lighting requirements for each Zoned area following a thorough understanding of the activities being undertaken in the areas to be considered. A site survey may be conducted to facilitate this, enabling the generation of new and accurate drawings or the modification of existing ones. This is followed by a detailed mapping of each area to define exactly what lighting is needed.

The fully integrated designs will define the specification of all the lighting to meet Zone and environmental requirements and can also show where junction and terminal boxes may be located and detail the required cable glands and ancillary products. We select the most appropriate lighting products for the application or can work with our customer’s preferred brand where required.

The lighting design scheme is completed by design experts who have many years’ experience in lighting designs, not only for hazardous area applications, but also lighting schemes for standard industrial operations across a wide range of sites and applications no matter how large or small.

Customers are invited to review all aspects of the proposed lighting scheme in each area, following which a commercial proposal is provided for approval prior to the commencement of any installation work.

Ex lighting installation (ATEX / UKEX) process

Once a commercial proposal for supply and installation is accepted, our design team will remain available for the duration of the project to advise on final fitting positions and assist with any design alterations that may be required.

Installation is performed by CompEx accredited engineers with many years of experience in hazardous areas to ensure compliance.

Pyroban will coordinate the supply, delivery and installation of the explosion proof lighting products, glands, cables, junction boxes, and any other ancillary equipment to ensure that the complete lighting installation runs smoothly.

Full documentation is provided to support the ongoing maintenance and compliance of the lighting installation.



Ex maintenance and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

As industry gets smarter, the opportunities that digitisation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can bring to hazardous area operations are exciting.

Such systems can reduce maintenance costs, facilitate Environmental, Social and Governance agendas and enable businesses to work smarter and even more safely in hard to access, high risk, or un-manned manufacturing and process areas.

In high risk or hard to reach areas, we can add sensors to the lighting system to help reduce maintenance requirements and identify any potential problems before they happen.  We can help detect moisture, temperature, water or humidity for example, helping to pinpoint maintenance needs before they initiate a potential failure, thus reducing costly downtime.

Pyroban can bring IIoT(Ex) to your hazardous area and provide solutions for the remote maintenance and management of not just the lighting system, but a wide variety of electro-mechanical devices.

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Explosion proof ATEX telemetry / EX sensors IIoT from Pyroban connects hazardous areas

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