Parts Supply

We offer a comprehensive range of replacement parts for Pyroban equipment. Parts lists are supplied with each new conversion providing specific part numbers so parts can be ordered quickly.

If the part number is not available call the parts team or submit a request with a full explanation of the item and the Pyroban Build No.

Need help identifying build numbers? Click here for a guide.

Customer Notice(s)

For parts supply in mainland Europe, AI2C based near Marseille in France acts as Pyroban’s European Parts Distribution Centre – Visit AI2C.

Unauthorised and non-certified Pyroban products have recently been identified in the market.  Please be aware that for any product to be genuine, it can only be bought through Pyroban Ltd. in the UK or through our authorised service partners.

An unauthorised part can compromise the safety of your people and your business.

2020 update: For diesel engines working offshore our OCB (300979901) will no longer be supported with spare parts. Launched in 1999, the OCB was retired in 2015. We can retrofit PCS2 as required as a replacement.

Any questions regarding parts, certification and service please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Parts Enquiry

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