PCS 2 – Safety Control System

Pyroban PCS2 is a passive protection system which allows diesel engines and power systems to be safely operated in a Zone 1 or Zone 2 certified hazardous area meeting the requirements of national and international regulations. The PCS2 system protects against engine overspeed, over temperature, loss of oil pressure and also has an emergency stop facility.

PCS2 is an adaptable system and can be configured to monitor a variety of different sources through 2 temperature inputs, 1 pressure input, 1 speed input and 2 emergency stop inputs.

Depending on the activation method and potential explosion risk, fuel shut-off or air and fuel shut-off will occur through activation of air inlet and fuel shut-off valves. The air shut-off valve may be actuated pneumatically or electrically.

The PCS2 Safety Control System

The PCS2 system includes a flameproof enclosure containing the electronic circuit boards and cabling glands for the input switches and shut-off valves. The control circuitry receives inputs from the switches and sensors and controls the fuel and air shut-off valves accordingly. A separate LED indicator panel shows the sensor and system status.

PCS2 has Zone 2 and Zone 1 ATEX / UKEX / IECEx approval

The PCS2 Safety Control System contains:

  • PCS2 Exd Flameproof enclosure
  • Enclosure mounted LED indicator panel
  • 2x Temperature switches
  • 1x Speed switch
  • 1x Oil pressure switch
  • 2x Emergency stop switches

Additional Required Items – Can be supplied by Pyroban:

  • Ex Battery/Isolator
  • Ex Alternator
  • Ex Air inlet shut-off valve
  • Ex Fuel shut-off valve

For diesel applications

  • Engine Overspeed
  • High Coolant Temperature
  • High Exhaust Temperature
  • Low Oil Temperature


2020 update: PCS2 can be used as a replacement for our OCB which is no longer supported with spare parts. Launched in 1999, the OCB was retired in 2015.