Ignition Hazard Assessments (IHA) and Solutions

EXSolutions provides Ignition Hazard Assessments (IHA), inspections, audits, training, and practical Ex engineering solutions for all types of fixed plant and process equipment (new or existing).

EXSolutions’ comprehensive engineering capabilities and Ex experience across both mechanical and electrical applications, coupled with deep expertise in the application of EN / IEC 60079 and EN / ISO 80079 standards are available to any business looking to overcome their complex safety and Ex compliance challenges.

For example, our expert Engineering team can help end users assess a critical, but aged, piece of equipment to determine if it is still safe for continued use in the Ex zoned area. Similarly, where the IHA identifies issues to be addressed, our Engineering team can identify practical solutions which may be more time or cost effective.

Conventional Ex equipment inspections, audits, and training can be arranged and undertaken through our CompEx certified field engineers and associate partners.

Service delivered by Pyroban’s EXSolutions team:

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