Military and munitions storage applications

Pyroban provides a range of explosion protection services to help manage the risk and remove the sources of ignition (and other risks) found on mobile equipment.  Pyroban provides equipment conversion solutions according to Military guidance such as DSA 03.OME Part 2 (formally JSP 482) in the UK or other similar guidance across the world.

We provide ATEX compliant solutions (CAT A and CAT B), and also CAT C where missiles, bullets or other munitions are being handled.  For CAT C we will reduce risk by addressing potential electrical shorts, hot exhaust gases or crushing for example.

We work with defence organisations globally and also support applications for the Police for example, and the fireworks industry.

Explosion protection and CAT C for lift trucks

For lift trucks, reach trucks, pallet and stacker trucks, VNA and pickers, Pyroban provides solutions for:

Explosion protection for cranes, access platforms, scrubber driers…

For cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cranes, access platforms, scrubber driers, sweepers, tractors and more, Pyroban provides CAT C and ATEX compliant conversions for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Explosion proof ground support equipment for fighter jets

Pyroban also owns a business in Cork, Ireland called Euro Access which manufactures ground support equipment specifically used for the maintenance of military aircraft. The specially designed ATEX access platforms enable maintenance engineers to reach the nose cone and other confined areas of the fighter jets. The area around each aircraft is formally classified as Zone 1 so the access platform must be explosion proof and meet ATEX 2G compliance. The company is an Approved supplier to BAE Systems Ltd (British Aerospace) and the wider military partnerships globally.

Find out more about Euroaccess.

Added Safety for lift trucks and plant equipment

For areas outside of formally classified areas, Pyroban provides added safety systems for mobile equipment incorporating gas detection and shutdown features.

There are many different military applications where flammable gases, liquids (vapours) or combustible/conductive powders are handled where there is a potential explosion risk.

There is also risk in munitions and explosives storage facilities where missiles or bullets are stored for example.