Perkins Explosion Protection Engine Kits (ATEX)

Pyroban has a long history of association with Perkins Engines. We can offer Pyroban kit solutions for most engines up to 7.1 litres with both electronic and mechanical controls.

The most popular is the 1104 in turbo and naturally aspirated format that gives great reliability and a small compact footprint, using the Pyroban manicooler solution. These kit solutions have been utilised throughout Asia and Europe for wireline, and small diesel generator set applications.

Pyroban solutions are designed for reliable and efficient performance in harsh, offshore environments and eliminate the ignition risk. All Pyroban products are certified, with some having dual certification to ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx. All flame non-transmission testing (FNTT) has been completed at our UK facility in strict accordance with industry standards.

Optimise your integration project

Pyroban kits are provided with component level certification to enable the integrator to complete the certification and test processin accordance with regional legislation and demands. Kits can be enhanced with control systems, electrical apparatus and items from our component range of accessories to suit the demands of the project.

World-wide installation assistance and thermal imaging is also available and full training can be provided.

Perkins ‘Zone 2’ engine kits available for:

400 | 1000 | 1100 series


Typical explosion protection kits include:

  • Air inlet shut-off Valve
  • Air inlet flame arrestor
  • Water-cooled Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifold
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Thermal control & treatment
  • Exhaust flame arrestor
  • Certified spark arrestor

Additional components are added according to the application. See control systems and accessories tab.


The typical Pyroban explosion protection kit is suitable for use in hazardous areas where explosive gases occur (ATEX directive 2014/34/EU). When properly installed, the kit provides protection to:

  • Equipment Group: II
  • Category: 3G
  • Gas Group: IIA
  • Temperature Class: T3

Conformance to the Temperature Class is dependent on ambient operating temperatures so the installed kit must be tested in a safe operating zone before use in a hazardous area. For ambient operating temperatures above 45°C consult your customer services representative. ATEX-designed and tested exhaust system, compliant to EN 1834-1 Consult specific engine documentation for full details of what is included.





  • Perkins 400 series explosion protection engine kit
  • Perkins 1000 series explosion protection engine kit
  • Perkins 1100 series explosion protection engine kit

Support through the lifecycle

We understand that our customers need maximum up time and that the harsh locations they operate in may mean special training or certification is required. We Support our customers throughout the lifecycle of the equipment with a highly experienced and qualified team of Service technicians.

Control systems and accessories

Pyroban provides a range of explosion protection accessories and safety control systems.