Two more low maintenance Pyroban C4.4TA HazPak 100s are ready to despatch from our facility in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, UK.

The end client is a major state owned Oil Company in the Middle East that has opted for a fully Certified ATEX Zone 2 engine package, rather than a local GCC specification.

The units are installed with our Ever Clear system which increases the exhaust flame arrester cleaning interval up to 1000 hours. This improves worker safety and operational uptime significantly.

Significant reduction in maintenance costs for ATEX diesel engines

Pyroban C4.4TA Hazpak ATEX diesel engines - explosion proof

Specifying Ever Clear puts a stop to the 8-hour cleaning routine which would normally have to take place. It enables the exhaust gases to pass through the exhaust system without clogging and is positioned between the turbo and gas cooler, on the “hot side” of the exhaust flow.

Operating for up to 1000 hours before any cleaning is required (dependent on diesel quality & duty cycle) Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestors will still stop a flame in the event of an exhaust backfire caused by hydrocarbon gas ingestion. In addition, asset owners also overcome the safety risks associated with wrongly using a ‘dummy arrestor’ which can expose the operation to sources of ignition and invalidate the whole Pyroban system.

Manual handling compliance issues also disappear with Ever Clear. Traditional plate type exhaust flame arrestors can weigh more than 25kg and are usually located above waist height making them hard to handle.

In the middle of the picture above, you will see there is no plate type exhaust flame arrestor present.

Fully Certified ATEX Zone 2 engine package

These HazPak™ 100s are based on the Cat® C.4.4 TA and fully comply with EN1834-1:2000.

Pyroban C4.4TA Hazpak ATEX diesel engines - explosion proofThe units feature an air inlet shut-off valve, air inlet flame arrestor, water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold, exhaust gas heat exchanger, thermal control and treatment, Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestor and ATEX certified spark arrestor.

Pyroban offers a range of radiator to flywheel HazPak™ 100 ATEX engines, which provide up to 100 bhp. They are fully Ex-certified packaged engines, Equipment Group II, Category 3G, Gas Group IIA and Temperature Class T3.

Pyroban Hazpak™ engines are pre-engineered and certified for ATEX Zone 2 hazardous area operations. They are designed for harsh offshore environments, produced to specification and receive great support in the field.

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