The Brimmond Group in Aberdeen has recently completed its FAT testing on four lightweight Triplex pumps featuring HazPak 200 ATEX powerpacks from Pyroban. The units will be used in tough Zone 2 hazardous area applications offshore.

The new ATEX 3G IIA T3 powerpacks feature Volvo D7 engines fully customised with Pyroban explosion protection technologies including an air inlet shut-off valve, air inlet flame arrestor, exhaust gas heat exchanger, water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold, spark arrestor, exhaust flame arrestor and thermal control and treatment.

Pyroban used its SCTB (Soft Compound Thermal Barrier) coating technology to reduce the thermal signature on specific parts of the engine. This is necessary as the charge air system and compressor side of the turbo would otherwise reach the 200degC (T3) temperature boundary very quickly in relatively low European ambient temperatures. Pyroban also removed the hot spots on the cylinder head of each engine.

The ATEX powerpacks also feature a control system, heavy-duty radiator with solder dipped core and stainless steel cooling pipe work and control hoses.

Certified to 45°C ambient, Pyroban Hazpak 200s follow the European Standard EN1834-1:2000 and meet ATEX 2014/34/EU requirements for Equipment Group II, Category: 3G, Gas Group IIA and Temperature Class T3.

Pyroban conducted all necessary engineering, testing and final ATEX certification, including all flame non-transmission testing and thermal testing in the Pyroban Dyno facility.HazPak 200 The image shows the finished units during the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) process at Brimmond Group.

Pyroban offers a wide range of fully packaged ATEX / IECEx engines from leading brands, certified and ready for use in hazardous areas. Pyroban Hazpak engines are offered as standard builds or customised to meet exact project needs.

The Pyroban oil and gas team can be contacted directly on call +44 (0) 1273 456825.