Pyroban® recently delivered an ATEX safety kit for a Cat C15 engine (featuring Ex SCS™) to provide explosion-proof safety on single fluid pump for Prior Diesels in Gt Yarmouth UK. The unit will be used by a well service major in the North Sea without an exhaust flame arrestor fitted. Here’s how and why.

The Pyroban kit was fitted onsite by the customer, creating an explosion-proof, ATEX compliant Cat C15 engine as the prime mover on the nitrogen pump. The explosion-proof kit features an air intake shut-off valve, ATEX certified spark arrestor, water-cooled turbocharger, exhaust manifold as well as an exhaust gas heat exchanger and other components.

What it didn’t include was an exhaust flame arrestor.

Pyroban Ex SCS Control System

To minimise operational maintenance costs and eliminate the need for the high maintenance exhaust flame arrestor, the customer chose to incorporate the Pyroban Ex SCS Category 2G safety control system.

This flagship Pyroban product has been developed as the successor to the ground-breaking 3GP™ system but addresses a number of industry problems to bring reduced installation and maintenance costs by combining flame arrestor elimination, safety shutdown, and diesel engine control and monitoring in one flexible package.

The system brings an active approach to the overall safety system by introducing gas detection into the engine inlet tract at a certified position and also within the equipment DNV enclosure.

This approach also helps maintain safety through the life of equipment in some regions, where dummy flame traps are mistakenly used.

Pyroban Ex SCS is a 100% stand-alone safety control system for ATEX 2014/34/EU compliance.  Pyroban has had the system certified by a third party so that you can be sure that the Exhaust flame arrestors can be legitimately removed.

In this project, the equipment controls, pump sensors, as well as fire and smoke detectors for future compliance with DNVGL-ST-E272 2.7-2 are fed into the Ex SCS system, along with the engine and Pyroban safety systems.

Pyroban explosion protection safety kits are available for leading engine brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins, JCB, Volvo, DDC, MTU, Perkins and more, as well as a variety of models.

This Cat C15 Pyroban kit is designed and executed to be robust and reliable in harsh operating conditions and corrosive environments found in offshore mobile well service.

The package features an air inlet shut-off valve, ATEX certified spark arrestor, air inlet flame arrestor, water-cooled turbocharger & exhaust manifold, as well as an exhaust gas heat exchanger. It provides protection to T3 temperature class.

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