Pyroban recently shipped the first batch of 26 ATEX HazPak 100 engines to an international client based in the Middle-East. The explosion proof hydraulic powerpacks feature JCB engines and will be used in Zone 2 hazardous area operations offshore in the region.

Pyroban provides a full range of ATEX engine packages for Zone 2 hazardous areas which are offered as standard builds or customised to meet exact project needs.

This project featured a lightweight build using aluminium components. The engines are all T3 (200degC), suitable for IIA gases and allow for an ambient temperature of 50degC for the Middle East climate.

Ex engine packages by Pyroban

Pyroban HazPak™ ATEX engines are Radiator to flywheel, Ex-certified packaged engines up to 1100BHP (and larger if required).

The most popular brands are Cat, JCB and Perkins, but Pyroban also have the ability to feature most other brands.

When you specify a Pyroban Hazpak™ you’re buying a pre-engineered and certified solution suitable for Zone 2 hazardous areas.

HazPak explosion protection features

Air inlet shut-off Valve
• Air inlet flame arrestor
• Water-cooled Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifold
• Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger
• Thermal control & treatment
Exhaust Flame arrestor
Certified spark arrestor

Looking for more information?

For more information on ATEX HazPak engine packages, visit or contact the Pyroban team on +44 (0) 1273 456800.