This week, the Pyroban team has commissioned another ATEX compliant forklift for use in Zone 2 operations at a distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The Hyster J3.5XN seen here being delivered in the snow features a sidetilt cask handling attachment from McGowan Engineering.  

The Hyster ATEX truck is to be used in a newly erected warehouse which is classified as ATEX Zone 2. Inside, where the spirits are stored, the “Angels’ Share” presents a risk of explosion requiring explosion protection on any forklifts operating in the area. 

The 3.5 tonne capacity Hyster electric forklift supplied by Briggs Equipment features an especially high mast so the distillery can store more whisky barrels at height over the same working footprint.  

Pyroban ATEX Zone 2 explosion protection Hyster forklift for distillery in Aberdeenshire

The new explosion proof forklift is an addition to their current fleet and features Pyroban’s system6000™ which continuously monitors the direct environment around the truck using infrared gas detection technology, targeting ethanol. 

When a mixture of potentially flammable vapour in the air is detected it initially gives an audible and visual warning to the driver but if the vapour and air mix approaches potentially explosive levels the system shuts down the protected equipment automatically. The control module is seen in the image above to the right of the steering wheel.

Gas detection is combined with various other explosion protection methods, such as restricted breathing enclosures and surface temperature cooling to ensure the engine, motors, brakes, electrics and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures of flammable materials. In this case T3 (200degC) temperature limitation for ethanol. 

The Pyroban protected Hyster® J3.5XN complies with ATEX 2014/34/EU and is built in line with the latest EN1755:2015 standard.  

Pyroban ATEX Zone 2 Hyster forklift for distillery in Aberdeenshire

The heavy duty, side tilt cask handling attachment is mounted on the carriage of the ATEX compliant Hyster forklift used in the cask storage facility (seen here – with the battery charger).  

The attachment is hinged at the front to facilitate manual cask loading and unloading operations. The ramp is designed to automatically raise into the vertical position when the attachment leaves ground level, then return to the horizontal position when the attachment returns to ground level. 

As the attachment is used in a hazardous area, there are stainless steel contact points on underside and the whole unit was manufactured and certified by McGowan Engineering based in Glasgow.  

Distillery in Aberdeenshire

Snow was everywhere on the freezing day that Pyroban and Briggs Equipment commissioned the trucks on the historic site, demonstrating the extreme temperatures that the Pyroban protected Hyster trucks reliably operate.  

Thanks to Mark Young, Senior Sales Executive at Briggs Equipment UK Ltd and of course Matt Booth, Pyroban’s UK Sales Manager. 

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