It’s not all about forklifts in hazardous areas! In fact, any equipment operating within a potentially explosive atmosphere needs to be safe to help protect staff and the supply chain. So, what happens when the warehouse or factory floor needs to be cleaned?

The ignition risks presented by a scrubber drier are similar to a forklift truck, but the difference is that there are usually many more motors and a lot more plastic on the bodywork.

In other words, sending an unprotected scrubber drier into a Zone 1, 2, 21, or 22 hazardous area is incredibly dangerous, and not just for the operator.

In early 2021 (during lockdown) we converted three Hako 980R scrubber driers on behalf of Briggs Equipment for a beverage company that produces and stores spirits in the UK.

The explosion proof scrubber driers feature Pyroban’s system6000™ for Zone 2 hazardous areas that continuously monitors the direct environment around the scrubber driers.

The gas detection is combined with various other explosion protection methods, such as restricted breathing enclosures and surface temperature cooling to ensure all the motors, brakes, electrics and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures of flammable materials.

New ATEX conversion methods for scrubber drier vacuum motor

These ATEX compliant Hako scrubber driers also feature a new Pyroban development on the vacuum motor. The motors are sealed in a different way making them easier to re-assemble and even more reliable.

Static, an ignition source, is now also considered a “normal” occurrence in Zone 2 hazardous areas, so the tyres, seats, hydraulic systems, all plastics, and many other elements have been modified where necessary.

The units also feature telemetry to provide data to a fleet management system. Due to the use of gas detection and Pyroban safety technologies, the fleet management system did not need any special enclosures or modification.

Certified with gas groups IIA and IIB, the three Hako machines recently converted by Pyroban have full approval in accordance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive and EN1755:2015 standard.

Pyroban can convert a range of scrubber driers for Zone 2 operation and we have developed solutions for other Hako models including the B70, B310 and B120 as well as the 980R, 1200 and 1500 (although other models can be converted too).

The conversion process takes about 6 weeks at Pyroban’s new production facility in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, UK. Most conversions are for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas, where users are keen to alert their drivers and management to the presence of a potentially dangerous mix of gas or vapour in the atmosphere.

For added safety in non-classified areas, Pyroban also offers Gascheka™, which can be fitted onsite and provides operator awareness of gas and vapour, and equipment shutdown.

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