There is increasing demand for ATEX compliant electric trucks and we continue to successfully convert all types and brands. However, there are important facts to be clear about when making a purchase decision which are summarised below.

Electric forklifts – lead acid batteries in ATEX areas

The important factor is that a standard OEM battery should not be used in ATEX Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 areas.

Lead acid batteries in ATEX trucks should be certified properly, including testing the battery for vibration and shock. Therefore always demand an “ATEX compliant” battery, not a risk assessed standard battery.

Read a case story about one battery manufacturer’s journey here.

New lead acid technologies are also great for hazardous areas (ATEX compliant versions), helping to provide similar benefits to lithium-ion.

Electric forklifts – lithium-ion batteries in ATEX areas?

Lithium-ion batteries are an increasingly popular power option for standard lift trucks thanks to opportunity charging, less maintenance, and longer operation between charges.lithium-ion battery power

However, as it stands in 2022, and for the foreseeable future Pyroban declines to quote for the ATEX conversion of lithium-ion forklift trucks. Why? It is simply not clear what the right level of safety is for this technology and, as the Ex standards do not cover traction battery applications, one has to question whether they are safe for use in hazardous areas.

Furthermore, there has been a safety alert raised for some companies that have tried to put the battery in a flameproof enclosure without due consideration of the science.

Hydrogen forklifts

There is currently no ATEX solution for forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells mainly due to the technology relying on a Lithium-ion battery as the main power source.

ATEX facts - forklift power options

ATEX Facts: Forklift power options factsheet

Download our fact sheet about ATEX forklift power options that details everything you need to know in 2022 about diesel, LPG and battery options including lithium-ion for hazardous areas.