Forklift trucks powered by a diesel engine have been converted for hazardous areas with great success for decades and as the emissions regulations got tougher, ATEX forklift conversion companies developed new solutions. However, there is a small percentage of diesel trucks that can’t now be converted and conversion companies like Pyroban will advise at point of quotation.

Stage V forklifts and ATEX conversions

The most recent advances include Stage V compliant engines, which makes the explosion protection conversion process even harder. This is mainly due to the high temperatures required to regenerate the particulate filter. That is why Pyroban stopped its plans to offer ATEX conversions for “Stage V” forklifts and mobile industrial equipment.

While it is theoretically possible to convert an ATEX stage V forklift, offering a Stage V solution has the expectation that the emissions will perform to all Stage V limits. However with the modifications required to meet ATEX requirements, true Stage V performance can’t be guaranteed so Pyroban does not want to mislead customers.

With rising diesel fuel costs, tough emissions regulations (with no true ATEX solution) and trend towards electrification, we expect the ATEX diesel forklift market to shrink even more.

ATEX Facts: Forklift power options factsheet

Download our fact sheet about ATEX forklift power options that details everything you need to know about diesel, LPG and battery options including lithium-ion for hazardous areas.