We have just completed the conversion of eight Aisle-Master articulated lift trucks for a paint and coatings manufacturing site in the UK. Converted by Pyroban for Zone 2 operations in line with EN1755:2015, the ATEX 2014/34/EU compliant trucks feature Pyroban’s system6000.

In most paint and coatings manufacturing and logistics applications as part of the process, or by accident, flammable materials could be present in the atmosphere creating a potential explosion risk. This could be throughout the operation from raw material storage to blending, finished goods warehousing and despatch, to the waste storage yards containing a mix of solvents.

This manufacturer requested system6000 which provides audible and visual warning of the presence of dangerous levels of flammable material.

What is Zone 2?

A Zone 2 hazardous area is classified as an atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is possible, but not likely to occur in normal operation. If it does occur, it is likely to persist for a short period only.

Pyroban’s system6000 ATEX lift truck conversion

Pyroban’s system6000 combines gas detection with various explosion protection methods and complements the latest technologies seen in lift truck design, including energy performance and ergonomics.

It is suitable for all types of diesel and electric materials handling equipment such as VNA, pallet trucks, order pickers, counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks and articulated lift trucks, as seen above.

Pyroban’s system6000 conversions typically include the following:

  • Forced gas test at start-up of truck to ensure system integrity and calibration
  • Control module providing continuous interface to the truck operator confirming whether the area is safe, and the system is ok
  • Infrared of Pellistor gas sensing head certified for use with gas groups IIA or IIB
  • Temperature monitoring of hot surfaces to T.3 2000C or T.4 1350C (including brakes & hydraulic fluid)
  • All arcing, sparking and hot components are risk assessed and fitted with restricted breathing enclosures to restrict the ingress of any flammable gas/vapour
  • Truck forks are cladded with a non-sparking material (stainless steel)