Have you seen the new Pyroban Blue EX Spot™ driving path warning system for ATEX lift trucks?

Our off-the-shelf explosion proof blue spot light provides a simple solution that can help support safety for operations using lift trucks in ATEX Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. But why should you choose Blue EX Spot for your ATEX forklifts?

  1. It’s compact and easy to fit – smaller than any previously available solution, measuring just 97.5mm by H 64.2mm by D75mm, Blue EX Spot is easily fitted by competent Ex trained engineers
  2. It’s flexible – our new explosion proof blue spot light can be fitted to any existing Pyroban equipment already working in the field (as well as equipment from other Ex manufacturers)
  3. It can increase safety – where visibility is poor, such as warehouse aisles or crossings, Blue EX Spot helps reduce risk, particularly where pedestrians are working in close proximity to trucks handling flammable materials, or where multiple trucks are operating
  4. It suits many industries – with ATEX* EX II 2GD certification, it is suitable for production applications or storage facilities handling chemicals, solvents, waste, paints, whisky, foodstuffs, and more. It doesn’t matter what the hazard is, whether it’s gas, vapour, powder or dust.
  5. It can withstand tough conditionsBlue EX Spot is IP6X, made from diecast aluminium and can be connected to a 12-48V DC source in ambient temperatures from -20 to +40 degC
  6. It’s available right now!order from Pyroban today for fast installation on any equipment in the field or specify Blue EX Spot as a factory fitted option on new orders of explosion protected lift trucks

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