The CompEx Scheme is recognised globally and is an accreditation that our Service Engineers are proud of, but what does it mean for Pyroban customers?

What is CompEx?

The CompEx Scheme is the recognised global solution for validating the competency of staff working in all industries with potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres. The purpose is to support and promote workplace safety, by certifying personal competency for installation, inspection and maintenance of Explosion Protection equipment.

Through a network of independent training and assessment centres the CompEx scheme supports practitioners in a range of industrial sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and utilities.

Pyroban Engineers and CompEx

In addition to Pyroban’s own rigorous training standards for staff, we have made further investments in our Service Engineers, so that they attend independent CompEx training and receive the appropriate accreditation.

Our field service engineers and technical support team members across Europe including Colin, Arthur, Neil, Martyn, Nick, Steve, Marlon, Ray and Rob all hold the CompEx  certification to ensure their competence is independently verified. Our French Engineers are approved by a similar scheme run by INERIS.

CompEx accreditation gives an extra layer of assurance that all works carried out by Engineers onsite are completed according to the correct safety standards.

Our purpose is to keep people working in potentially explosive atmospheres safe every day.  This starts in the manufacturing process when we ensure that the design of every conversion or component is designed for safety first, in parallel with a design principle of maintaining the intended performance and ergonomics of the original equipment, whether it’s a forklift or an oil and gas powerpack.

Following the design, we ensure premium quality manufacturing that stands the test of time in rugged applications with a low total cost of operation. But the products need to be supported onsite throughout the lifecycle of the product.

This is where Pyroban’s technical support structure and process stands out. CompEx accreditation for our Engineers is one more reason why we deliver exceptional customer support, ensuring the equipment performs at its best and remains safe throughout its life.

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