We are pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Boiling as our European Technical Sales Manager.

Darren has been part of the Pyroban family since 1987 and had the privilege to work alongside Pyroban’s founder, Phil Tyrer for many years. It was a time when the company was already long-established and leading the way with pioneering new products and ideas such a22s Protec, Rotoclean and Gascheka.

Darren soon became a Supervisor, overseeing all stock movements and gaining commercial exposure within the service and sales department, eventually going on to become Technical Support Manager.

“Project Pyroban”

The Pyroban project began in 1969 in the UK to provide explosion protection for industry above ground, giving birth to Zone 2 areas in conjunction with the (then) UK government HSE.

Today, Pyroban helps keep people safe in a variety of manufacturing and logistics applications where potentially explosive atmospheres may exist, including those in the food and drink, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings and waste management industries, as well as the oil and gas industry.

Pyroban’s commitment in Europe

Darren’s new role as European Technical Sales Manager will allow more focus on ensuring safety within these hazardous area operations across Europe, and some other countries.

“Trucks have become much more complex and the designs are always evolving. We’ve had to evolve with the industry which means that our explosion protection technology is far more refined than it was years ago,” says Darren.

He will be working closely with customers to understand their ATEX requirements and implement ATEX strategies which have been successful within the UK. With his experience in many different areas of the Pyroban business Darren will also create suitable product and service packages for customers.

“Every single day at Pyroban is different. We work for some great industries and with great people across the world,” says Darren. “And we do this with a passionate team of people and some brilliant products that prevent people from being involved in an explosion at work.”

Are you active?

In 2019, Pyroban launched its “Are you Active?” campaign to raise awareness about the importance of using active gas detection in Zone 2 hazardous areas. Darren was closely involved in this campaign.

“When operating in a Zone 2 area (or close to it), without active gas detection and shutdown on your lift trucks or other vehicles, operators can be ‘blind’ to the presence of potentially explosive gas or vapour,” he says. “This puts people, the company’s reputation and the supply chain at risk, which is even more critical during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

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