Pyroban® has increased the size of the HMI display screen to 15” for Ex-SCS™, the safety control system for ATEX 2014/34/EU compliant diesel engines. 

The new 15” display is available alongside the 7” colour touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface) and gives an enhanced viewing and control experience for operators working offshore in often difficult environments. Viewable under direct sunlight the resistive touch screen is operable with a gloved hand. It’s ideal where there are few restrictions on control panel size and permits a clearer layout.

Ex-SCS is a 100% standalone ATEX safety control system that addresses a number of industry problems to help reduce installation and maintenance costs for ATEX diesel engines working offshore.  It combines exhaust flame arrestor elimination, safety shutdown, and diesel engine control and monitoring in one flexible package.

Gas detection is introduced into the engine inlet tract at a certified position and also within the equipment DNV 2.7-1 enclosure. A safety shutdown is then triggered on detection of a flammable gas in the engine air inlet or in the atmosphere, diesel engine over speed, high exhaust gas and coolant temperatures, low oil pressure or if there is a manual emergency stop activation for example.

This active approach makes it easy to incorporate additional equipment controls such as pumps, generators, transmissions, fire and smoke detectors or the well head platform’s DCS (distributed control system) along with the engine and Pyroban safety systems.

Ex-SCS works in unison with the explosion-proof Pyroban kit which usually features an air intake shut-off valve, ATEX certified spark arrestor, water-cooled turbocharger, exhaust manifold as well as an exhaust gas heat exchanger and other components.

As there is no need for an exhaust flame arrestor, operators that use Ex-SCS can be sure of the ongoing safety through the life of equipment. It means there is no reliance on an exhaust flame arrestor being fitted when in operation – which can sometimes be dangerously swapped out for a “dummy”.

Pyroban explosion protection safety diesel engine kits and EX-SCS are available for leading engine brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins, JCB, Volvo, DDC, MTU, Perkins and more, as well as a variety of models. Kits are designed and manufactured to be robust and reliable in harsh operating conditions and corrosive environments found in offshore mobile well service.

Find out more about Pyroban’s options for eliminating the need for Exhaust Flame Arrestors.

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