A chemical company has purchased a new fleet of forklifts featuring Pyroban’s easy to fit gas detection system Gascheka Zone 3. The trucks will now shut down if they detect a flammable gas or vapour, warning operators that there is a potential problem. 

The low emissions fleet includes a mix of more than 40 electric and “Stage V” diesel forklift trucks that will operate at multiple locations across the UK.  

The forklifts featuring gas detection will support operations that distribute specialty, bulk, and packaged chemicals and ingredients. 

Gas detection for forklift trucks 

When fitted to a forklift truck, Gascheka Zone 3 alerts the operator and automatically shuts down the equipment in the event of a flammable gas or vapour release. It does not address all ignition sources required for full ATEX compliance, but it may reduce the risk to be “As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)” in the circumstances.  

The Gascheka Zone 3 bolt-on gas detection system is designed specifically for mobile equipment operating on sites where flammable material is handled, but not in such quantities that would require full ATEX compliant solutions. This could be just outside of, or adjacent to Zone 2 areas in, for example, 3PL warehouse operations, waste, chemical, refinery, food and drink, and many other industries. 

Developed by Pyroban®, Gascheka Zone 3 can be fitted to all types of forklift trucks (of any age) in just a few hours, including Stage V forklifts and trucks fitted with lithium-ion batteries. It is also used on warehouse equipment, vans, cranes, access platforms, cleaning machines, and more. 

Gascheka Zone 3 – now available for short term rental 

In addition to buying Gascheka Zone 3, businesses can now rent the system for short periods. It is easily installed and later removed by Pyroban. This can be useful for businesses waiting for fully ATEX protected equipment where a standard truck may otherwise have been used. 

Talk to Pyroban today about improving the safety of your standard equipment operating close to hazardous areas.   

Visit https://www.pyroban.com/products/added-safety-systems/. 

You can find out more at IMHX, the UK’s largest Logistics event which takes place from 6 – 8 September 2022 at the NEC, Birmingham. It is the UK’s flagship event for those involved in managing, maintaining, and optimising the operations that keep supply chains moving. Visit www.imhx.net. 

forklifts gas detection stage V

Photos by Martyn Ballinger, Pyroban Technical Support. Gascheka Zone 3 can be fitted to all types of equipment (of any age) in just a few hours.