Pyroban® recently installed its Gascheka Zone 3™ gas detection system to a fleet of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) machines at a UK warehouse site for a major 3PL.

The company was seeking a safety solution with active gas detection for specific areas of a warehouse where flammable material is handled, but not in such quantities in those areas that would require full ATEX compliant Zone 2 (or Zone 1) solutions.

What is Gascheka Zone 3?

Pyroban’s Gascheka Zone 3 is an affordable gas detection system that is specifically designed for these places within an operation – typically just outside of or adjacent to Zone 2 areas, where there is still a possibility of explosion. These areas are common not only in 3PL warehouse operations, but across many industries, such as waste, chemicals, refineries, food and drink, and many more.

Standard equipment without any explosion protection systems in place can be dangerous in operations handling flammable material, even in these areas that are deemed “non-hazardous” within the meaning of the ATEX Directive.

Gascheka Zone 3 on VNA

Gascheka Zone 3 is supplied as a kit in boxes (as seen here) then fitted onsite in a few hours.

Pyroban’s Gascheka Zone 3 improves safety

The Gascheka Zone 3 active gas detection system helps keep people safe by alerting the equipment operator to the presence of a gas or vapour and will shut down the equipment automatically before dangerous levels are reached.

Plus, any equipment fitted with Pyroban Gascheka Zone 3 must complete a gas test before it is able to start up. The gas test is started automatically and takes between 30 and 120 seconds, depending on the type of gas sensing head. The gas test checks that the gas sensing heads are calibrated correctly, giving reassurance that the equipment is fully protected before operation begins.

Gas detection fitted in just a few hours

Gascheka Zone 3™ gas detection system - VNAs for 3PL

Gascheka Zone 3™ gas detection systems being fitted to a fleet of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) machines at a UK warehouse site for a major 3PL

Pyroban’s specially trained and competent Ex engineers visited this site to install Gascheka Zone 3 across a range of equipment, including a number of VNA trucks used in the warehouse’s high racks.

The installation of Gascheka Zone 3 takes just a few hours and the system is designed to be fitted to any mobile equipment (of any age) quickly. This includes forklifts, warehouse equipment, vans, cranes, access platforms, VNAs and much more.

Learn more about how Gascheka Zone 3 can help protect people and supply chains or contact our team to place an order now.