Pyroban® has announced that it is now renting gas detection system Gascheka Zone 3™ to forklift users to bridge safety gaps that may occur due to extended OEM forklift production lead times.  

“Forklifts are not being delivered to Pyroban fast enough which has led to an inevitable knock on effect to the availability of ATEX compliant forklifts for hazardous areas,” says Darren Boiling, Materials Handling Manager for safety company Pyroban that converts forklifts so they cannot be the source of an ignition. “We have responded to safety concerns by offering Gascheka Zone 3 on a rental basis.”

Gascheka Zone 3 is a bolt-on gas detection system designed specifically for mobile equipment, and was previously only available to buy outright from Pyroban.  Now, due to the pandemic and other supply chain factors, Pyroban is supporting industry by offering the gas detection system for short periods. The units can be fitted to equipment of any age in just a few hours including warehouse equipment, forklifts, vans, cranes, MEWPS, access platforms and people transporters.

“If hazardous area operations cannot source a new or used ATEX compliant forklift in time, and when ceasing the operation isn’t an option, under an ATEX 1999/92/EC or DSEAR (in the UK) risk assessment,  they may consider that installing the Pyroban Gascheka Zone 3 system on existing standard trucks is an acceptable interim solution,” confirms Darren. “Unlike standard trucks in short term hire fleets, ATEX forklifts are not readily available and demand remains high in the UK, across the EU and the Middle East.”

Gascheka Zone 3 will provide alarm and shutdown in the event of a flammable gas or vapour release, albeit not addressing all ignition sources required for full ATEX compliance, but may reduce the risk to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) in the circumstances.

Businesses can rent Gascheka Zone 3 for the interim period which is installed and later removed by Pyroban when the longer-term ATEX compliant solution is ready.

Previously, the Gascheka gas detection system was selected by companies seeking a safety solution for specific areas where flammable material is handled, but not in such quantities that would require full ATEX compliant solutions. This could be just outside of, or adjacent to Zone 2 areas in, for example, 3PL warehouse operations, waste, chemical, refinery, food and drink, and many other industries.

“Standard, unprotected equipment in zoned areas is both dangerous and unnecessary,” says Darren, explaining that Pyroban has many different solutions to support businesses operating with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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