Pyroban’s Ever Clear long-life flame arrestor has been successfully deployed with long standing customer Rotorniaga in Malaysia. Rotorniaga serve both peninsular and east Malaysian operations with their Zone 2 rental generator sets equipped with Pyroban Zone 2 engines and alternators. 

Based in KSB, Mr Mohd. Imriqis Suhaimee, MD of Rotorniaga commented: “We’ve been using Pyroban since 2009 and have had a long-standing relationship. The original Pyroban coolers were upgraded in 2021 with the Ever Clear solution.”

“I’ve had the Ever Clear system on trial for the last year and have been so pleased with the 1000 hours plus (on local fuel) and – the icing on the cake – we’ve achieved a 50% reduction in carbon deposits in the gas cooler,” he says.

Pyroban’s Ever Clear is a direct replacement for the plate type flame arrestors found in Pyroban explosion protected diesel engines. Ever Clear is seen in the centre of the featured image on an ATEX Zone 2 generator set.

“I’m going to switch all my Pyroban equipped generators to use Ever Clear in 2022 during a deep equipment refurbishment programme I’m running.  Pyroban is driving down cost from my maintenance activities, whilst increasing safety and up-time. This is exactly what I need and value as a responsible business owner,” he confirms.

Having a non-electrical passive solution to eliminate the intensive cleaning intervals on exhaust flame arrestors is a real benefit in Asia where clients prefer mechanical engines and have existing fleets of equipment.

Ever Clear to feature in ATEX engine refurbishment programmes

Wherever you’re operating give Pyroban a call today to see how we can upgrade your existing assets during your next refurbishment to give 2022 performance levels.

Significant reduction in maintenance costs for ATEX diesel engines

Specifying Ever Clear puts a stop to the 8-hour cleaning routine which would normally have to take place. It enables the exhaust gases to pass through the exhaust system without clogging and is positioned between the turbo and gas cooler, on the “hot side” of the exhaust flow.

Operating for up to 1000 hours before any cleaning is required (dependent on diesel quality & duty cycle) Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestors will still stop a flame in the event of an exhaust backfire caused by hydrocarbon gas ingestion. In addition, asset owners also overcome the safety risks associated with wrongly using a ‘dummy arrestor’ which can expose the operation to sources of ignition and invalidate the whole Pyroban system.

Manual handling compliance issues also disappear with Ever Clear. Traditional plate type exhaust flame arrestors can weigh more than 25kg and are usually located above waist height making them hard to handle.

For more information on reducing maintenance costs with Ever Clear long-life flame arrestors on ATEX diesel engines, contact our technical team on +44 (0) 1273 456800 or