Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Pyroban has been on hand to provide a vital second line of support for forklift dealers and OEM networks all over the world.

Martyn Ballinger, Pyroban Field Service Engineer, has been a part of the Pyroban team since 2005, covering both Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) and Oil and Gas work over the years.

During this time, Martyn has met some amazing people and made some great connections across Asia and South America.

“Over the years, I’ve made many great memories and achievements,” says Martyn. “One of the achievements that stands out is the successful completion of the installation of a number of PCS2 systems in South America.”

“Initially, there were delays in getting the kit released by customs and a late completion date would have had a major knock-on effect to the overall project and end user,” says Martyn. “With a can-do attitude, I made a promise that I would make sure they would be finished for handover”.

Martyn Ballinger

The installation was completed even earlier than initially expected, a few days ahead of schedule. Because of this, Martyn travelled to North America to carry out dealer training before traveling for a handover with Doug Oberhelman, the Caterpillar CEO at the time.

Martyn Ballinger

“The most satisfying part of my job is getting to meet so many amazing people,” says Martyn. “On a personal level, a memorable moment was being away in Brazil during my birthday. The customer put on a surprise birthday BBQ for me with all his family, even giving a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in Portuguese. It was incredibly humbling.”

Martyn Ballinger

Materials Handling Applications

Our team of engineers are a second line of support for the forklift dealers and OEM networks anywhere in the world.

Pyroban Field Technicians are readily available to support with complex fault-finding and repair to help get the equipment working safely as quick as possible.

Oil and Gas Applications

Field Technicians can be despatched to provide onsite support for installation, commissioning or fault-finding and repair in the event that something goes wrong with your equipment.

Our team has the required certificates and survival training for on and offshore operations to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

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Note: All the photos that appear in this blog were taken before the Covid-19 pandemic.