A thorough examination of a lift truck is essential, but what about the explosion protection safety system itself? ATEX lift trucks should have ATEX safety specific checks every year, or even sooner.

This image shows a lift truck driver happily feeding the reactors in a Zone 2 area of a chemical plant.

Fortunately, we know this explosion protected lift truck featuring Pyroban’s system6000D is operating safely.

But what if the safety systems hadn’t been checked recently?

Drivers and managers of ATEX lift trucks

As a lift truck driver, would you want to drive a well-used ATEX lift truck that hadn’t been checked or serviced properly for years? Or, as the manager, would you be happy to go and have a quick chat with the driver while the engine is running, with the thick smell of solvents in the air?

Extreme wear and tear, late or incorrect maintenance and other factors such as high impact operations may compromise an explosion protection safety system over the life of the equipment.

So how can you be sure the truck is safe after years of operation?

Managing the service of an ATEX lift truck

Following recommended service schedules, using Pyroban trained engineers and the correct parts supply are essential steps to prevent a truck from becoming an ignition source during its lifetime.

But, an inspection of the complete safety system by specialists every year, or sooner, is also critical.

Safety Audits – every year for the life of an ATEX lift truck

The Pyroban Annual Safety Audit (Ex-ASA) is a thorough inspection of the safety critical components in the explosion protection conversions by Pyroban Engineers. This is not to be confused with the lift truck Thorough Examination.

The Ex-ASA ensures that the integrity and ATEX safety of the material handling equipment is not compromised during its working lifetime.

If no irregularities have been found, the ATEX lift truck will be declared safe for use and a certificate will be issued to support your Explosion Protection Document (EPD).

If you don’t know when your ATEX lift truck was last checked properly, we highly recommend contacting Pyroban for peace of mind.

Learn more about the EX-ASA inspection from Pyroban.