There have been so many challenges faced by manufacturers across the world over the last few years who have experienced component supply shortages, issues around BREXIT, disruptions due to Covid-19, extended delivery lead times, excessive sickness in the workforce and much more.

“The events of the past couple of years have made many businesses more safety conscious than ever, and more aware that when it comes to explosion risk, it’s not acceptable to cut corners,” says Darren Boiling, Pyroban’s Materials Handling Sales Manager.

“With this in mind, we expect to see more businesses reviewing and updating their sites in 2022 and (re)classifying their Zone 1 and Zone 2 operations to help keep their people safe, with fewer Zone 1 areas and more Zone 2 areas classified.”

ATEX materials handling

Pyroban also expects to see increased demand for Gascheka Zone 3, which is usually for Added Safety near to Zoned areas or for companies seeking a safety solution for specific areas where flammable material is handled, but not in such quantities that would require full ATEX compliant solutions.

However Pyroban has seen a new trend develop due to delays in the manufacture of forklift trucks. Darren explains: “If hazardous area operations cannot source a new or used ATEX compliant forklift in time (due to long OEM lead times), and when ceasing the operation isn’t an option, under an ATEX 1999/92/EC or DSEAR (in the UK) risk assessment, they may consider that installing the Pyroban Gascheka Zone 3 system on existing standard trucks is an acceptable interim solution. We are seeing this trend and have responded by offering Gascheka Zone 3 on a short-term rental basis.”


Used equipment is another area that Pyroban expects will still be growing through 2022, at least in the short term. With longer lead times for new lift trucks, for example, Pyroban has seen high demand for conversion of used equipment. With the supply chain under such pressure, many operations simply won’t be able to afford downtime while they wait for a truck.

ATEX materials handling

Electrification is another hot topic, and Pyroban already converts electric lift trucks and other equipment for Zone 1 and 2 operations, which is increasing. “We expect to see growing interest in alternative power sources, and we are excited to already be invited to support investigations on how such equipment could be assessed for ATEX compliance. Our 50-year history in the industry puts us in a strong position to support customers with these new technologies.”

Over the last 5 years, we have also been undertaking lots of research on finding safe solutions for both Stage V engines in lift trucks and also lithium-ion options. Darren says: “I can confirm that we will not be providing solutions for these power options anytime soon as the technologies are just not there and may never be for ATEX applications.”

Whilst Pyroban has adopted a different path for Stage V engines and lithium-ion batteries, Pyroban offers credible alternative solutions including an LPG option for ATEX applications for the first time.

ATEX materials handling

Finally, Pyroban will be eagerly looking to develop ATEX solutions for automated-guided vehicles as the interest in this technology increases. Pyroban has a number of active projects globally on this exciting technology.

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