How long do explosion protected trucks last? That depends on many factors, but here’s one site still using Pyroban equipment nearly 20 years later!

In this picture you see several Pyroban units that are still operational at a chemical site in the UK. They are all safe for use in the potentially explosive atmospheres despite their age and used appearance.

The Doosan lift truck at the front of the photo is 10 years old, while the Tennent scrubber drier is 13 years old and fitted with Pyroban’s gas detection system5000 (the award winning predecessor to system6000). Meanwhile the explosion proof Komatsu truck in the background is 17 years old and still in frequent use.

If you read our recent article “5 reasons why Pyroban stands out after 50 years”, this story is testament to our principles of:

  • Design for safety and performance without compromise
  • Premium quality manufacturing that stands the test of time in rugged applications
  • Low total cost of operation
  • Lifetime support
  • Pro-active advice and consultancy from the very first contact through the life of the equipment

Not only did we follow our principles of design, but the truck conversion, build and component quality were also clearly built to last. What’s more, through using the correct parts and with services through Pyroban trained engineers, the trucks have maintained their safety integrity. We know this as we have recently conducted the Pyroban Ex-ASA annual safety audit on all these units.

Not many businesses are able to provide technical support and parts supply for products that are this old. So, when you are looking for a partner to support you with explosion protection forklift conversions, Pyroban is there in support from the very first contact through to when the trucks are no longer used – potentially many years down 17 year old Pyroban conversion the line.

This ATEX compliant, explosion proof Doosan is 10 years old and fitted with Pyroban’s system5000 featuring gas detection, the modification of arcing, sparking and hot components, cladded forks and a number of other protection methods.

Read more about Pyroban’s service support or learn more about our history with a project that started back in 1969 following an explosion.