Pyroban has relaunched Ex Solutions Consulting to support a growing number of manufacturers needing to solve their Ex design and certification requirements or fill a skills gap. The service helps manufacturers get explosion proof products to market faster, with the lowest possible Ex certification costs.

“There are many businesses that simply don’t have the experience or time to support the development and certification of products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, or need extra resource to do so,” says Dave Waring, Engineering & QHSE Manager for Pyroban. “Whether it’s a one-off project or the development of an Ex certified (ATEX, IECEx or UKEx) version of their product, our Ex Solutions Consulting service can help.”

Pyroban has provided explosion protection consultancy on all types of mechanical and electrical products over the years, including transmissions, well service equipment, vehicles, tugs, reciprocating engines, gas turbines, electric motors, AGVs, robotics, mining equipment, plant and manufacturing machinery, compressors, and more.

Dave explains: “Ex Solutions Consulting helps OEMs enter new markets quickly and at the lowest cost, where they may have previously been locked out without an explosion proof solution.”

Industries such as food and drink, petrochemical, waste, pharmaceutical and logistics all have hazardous area operations where there is the potential for an explosive atmosphere to exist, requiring certified explosion proof equipment.

Explosion protection consulting services

The explosion protection consulting service is also helping to fill a skills gap in the oil and gas industry where engineering expertise has been lost to other industries. With 50 years of experience in bespoke explosion protection solutions, Pyroban provides customers all over the world with the confidence to explore market growth opportunities for their existing products.

“For example, when a business needs a populated explosion proof enclosure, but doesn’t know how to achieve the full certification requirements such as ATEX, IECEx or the new UKEx, we can help,” he explains. “We can deliver a completed product ready to install with all associated documentation and approvals. Whether it’s all electrical, all mechanical or a mixture of both we have the experience to support the project.”

Pyroban’s Ex Solutions Consulting business will help place the product on the market with full confidence that the product meets the required certification requirements and can be managed through the full product lifecycle once launched. Clients can effectively “piggy back” on Pyroban’s depth and breadth of experience of hazardous areas and explosion protection technology.

“We can help develop a practical solution from design, component selection, manufacturing and assembly, and testing using the most appropriate Ex protection concepts,” says Dave, explaining that Pyroban does not certify the product but supports the complete certification process through to product launch. The new Ex product is placed onto the market by the customer with the required marking, documentation, and certification such as ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx or UKEx with UKCA marking.

Explosion protection certification support – ATEX, IECEx or UKEx

“Certification projects, due to different levels of testing involved, can run for several months, which is why it is important to keep the projects focused to ensure they are completed to schedule,” says Dave. “Our deep experience of the certification process means that we can save clients time and money and help to avoid the pitfalls associated with the development and certification of Ex equipment when using 3rd party organisations.”

Ex Solutions Consulting was an active business unit for Pyroban in the past. The relaunch demonstrates Pyroban’s commitment to investment and growth following many years of focus on its materials handling and power solutions businesses.

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