Visitors to the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) 2016 are invited to visit safety company Pyroban’s stand to learn more about recent updates to legislation affecting explosion protection for materials handling equipment.

Pyroban carries out explosion protection conversions for mobile equipment, including forklift trucks, so that they can be used safely and legally in potentially explosive atmospheres. At stand 12V70 at the NEC, Birmingham, Pyroban’s specialist team will be talking to visitors about important changes to a number of standards and directives which are designed to improve safety and minimise risk.

“A number of different industries use explosion protected forklift trucks, from chemicals, paint, gas and waste through to pharmaceuticals and the food and drink supply chain,” says Matthew Shirkie, Commercial Manager for Pyroban. “These new rules and standards apply to all such operations with potentially explosive atmospheres.”

Pyroban provides a complete service support structure to help companies achieve continued compliance with relevant legislation. At IMHX, Pyroban will educate visitors about the EN1755:20151 standard which was recently updated to clarify and standardise the required safety measures which equip a truck for use in a potentially explosive environment.

The company will also be discussing European Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU2, which replaced the existing ATEX Directive 94/9/EC in April 2016. Also on the agenda will be the ISO 3691-1:20113 international standard for safety requirements and verification of industrial trucks. This guides best practice for modifying forklifts with safety in mind, including the requirement for written manufacturer consent for explosion protection conversions.

“Anyone involved in supplying or using forklifts in areas where there is an explosion risk is encouraged to come and meet the Pyroban team at IMHX,” says Matthew.

At IMHX, Pyroban will also be raising awareness of the hazards of using forklift trucks in, or near, potentially explosive areas at the International Forklift Operator of the Year competition. Pyroban has partnered with contest organisers RTITB to design a practical challenge which will test the competing forklift drivers’ operating skills in a specially designed ‘potentially explosive’ environment and will feature a truck fitted with an added safety system Gascheka™. Visitors to IMHX are encouraged to visit the competition zone to watch the exciting live heats from 13th to 16th September.