Added Safety Definition - What is added safety?

Flammable material signWhen you handle potentially hazardous materials, a risk assessment will define the high risk areas as either Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22. Anything outside of these areas is essentially a safe area, but Pyroban firmly believe that when you are handling potentially hazardous materials, there are no safe areas.

Pyroban class any areas which are not formally classified as Zone 1 or 2 as Added Safety, and these tend to be one of the following types of area:

  • Non-classified areas – any area which is not classified as potentially hazardous
  • De-classified areas – any hazardous area which has been down-graded to non-classified after your own risk assessment
  • Close proximity areas – any area which is bordering on or within close proximity to a hazardous area

The areas which are Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22 are defined as part of your risk assessment, but their boundaries can be flexible – gases and dusts are not smart or selective and can cross into non-classified areas. It only takes one ignition source to cause an explosion.

Mobile equipment often works in these added safety areas and recommend fitting a system called Gascheka to increase the level of safety.  We also have a range of components for diesel engines and other equipment which can be used to provide added safety.