Pyroban has seen an increase in enquiries from businesses handling Isopropyl Alcohol which is used to manufacture hydroalcoholic gels.  With production levels hugely increased at rates never seen before, demand for explosion proof equipment to handle drums and IBCs of the flammable liquid has also increased.

In the UK, the government has announced “Temporary changes to the use and supply of denatured alcohol and duty-free spirits, to help businesses who produce hand sanitiser and gel”

There are several scenarios for any of these businesses and their supply chains, some of which may not appreciate the immediate explosion risk of handling flammable material in volume such as Isopropyl alcohol.

Some have quickly placed orders for ATEX compliant equipment for Zone 2 and we are fast tracking our system6000 conversions for these critical operations (and others where necessary and where we receive trucks on time).  In some cases, this falls in line with customer operations getting ready for high volume production and who require active gas detection to ensure employees are aware of spillages of flammable material or accidents.

We are however receiving reports from some operations where standard short-term hire equipment has been placed into Zone 2 operations. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this puts people’s lives at immediate risk. Pyroban may be able to assist in these cases through sourcing ATEX compliant short-term hire equipment through our partners across the industry.

In some cases (on sites manufacturing hydroalcoholic gels) we can fit a low cost Active Gas detection system to short term hire equipment within a few hours onsite.  Pyroban’s Gascheka Zone 3 is an added safety system designed for designated “safe” areas where the risk of explosion is managed.

Gascheka Zone 3 gives instant gas detection and vehicle shutdown (before dangerous levels are reached) and can be used on any vehicle, LPG, diesel or electric.  It can also be removed easily after a short-term contract has ended.

Pyroban is available to support operations in any way possible, so please contact us if you have any questions during this difficult time.  The safety of employees at risk of explosion still remains a top priority along with maintaining the consistency of a critical supply chain.