Everclear exhaust flame arrestors from Pyroban are a direct replacement for the plate type flame arrestors found in Pyroban explosion protected diesel engines.

Everclear puts a stop to the 8-hour cleaning routine of plate type exhaust flame arrestors in explosion proof prime movers.

We have created a simple tool to calculate how much that time is worth which could be put to better use on other more useful activities offshore.

Click here to try the calculator.  All you need to input is the number of days the Pyroban protected equipment is expected to operate and a rough estimate of your offshore labour cost.


Everclear Exhaust Flame Arrestors are bolted into the exhaust system between the turbo and gas cooler, on the hot side of the exhaust flow. They operate for up to 1000 hours before any cleaning is required (dependent on diesel quality & duty cycle).

With prices starting at just $2,500 (plus fitting costs), ROI is very short, even for older units with just a few years of operation left.

Operators can now fit and forget, and get on with the job.

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