Technical Engineer Martyn Ballinger recently visited a whisky warehousing facility in Scotland that has been operating a fleet of Hyster explosion proof forklifts supplied by Briggs Equipment. The company wanted to retrofit an Internal / External Speed Zoning system to further improve safety onsite.

The process had to follow a strict process for these Hyster J4.0XN electric counterbalance forklifts with 4 tonne lift capacity, which were converted a few years ago for use in the Zone 2 whisky warehouses.

First the parts had been sent to the Pyroban facility for full risk assessment and required modifications in line with EN1755:2015, one of the standards that Pyroban uses to convert forklift trucks so that they are safe for operation in hazardous areas. EN1755:2015 is titled “Safety of industrial trucks. Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Use in flammable gas, vapour, mist and dust”.

The speed zoning system parts were then despatched to site to be fitted to the truck according to Pyroban instructions. Martyn was onsite to then conduct a full Ex-ASA (safety audit) to confirm full compliance and ensure the additions were added to the trucks’ technical build file.

For any additions to explosion proof trucks, always consult Pyroban to ensure that the update does not affect the integrity of the Pyroban safety system.

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