Refurbishment and re-purposing of existing equipment and assets has been a decision many businesses have taken in the last 24 months. Forced down this route due to long engine and component deliveries it has now become normal to consider a high-quality refurbishment, which in most cases costs significantly less that a new alternative.

Today engine deliveries remain extended, and inflation has driven costs for new product higher than ever. Meanwhile awareness of ESG issues and the need to #recycle where possible is also on the agenda of many of our customers.

For many years it has been seen as uneconomical to upgrade safe area equipment for use in a formally classified Zone 2 areas but with the current technologies we have here at Pyroban it can be possible to do an ATEX upgrade of any engine brand or type for this purpose. And with more and more platforms demanding equipment suitable for Zone 2 hazardous areas, safe area equipment is becoming more difficult to utilise.

If you are considering an ATEX engine upgrade or refurbishment, contact Pyroban for an initial no pressure discussion to determine suitability of the equipment on +44 (0) 1273 456800 or

Find out more about the ATEX engine kits we have available for various brands.

Pyroban ATEX Engine Refurbishment