ATEX Annual Safety Audits

The ATEX Annual Safety Audit (ATEX-ASA) from EXSolutions is a thorough inspection of all safety critical components and systems on ATEX / IECEx compliant equipment.

Our ATEX-ASA provides a means of ongoing compliance to the ATEX Directives (DSEAR in the UK) if carried out annually, or as recommended according to the application.

What happens if the equipment fails an ATEX audit, or passes?

If no irregularities are found, the equipment will be declared compliant and the Technical Construction File (TCF) can be updated to support your Explosion Protection Document (EPD).

Irregularities should be reported immediately and remedial action carried out by a competent person who is suitably trained. This could be your own engineers, the equipment OEM or dealer, or EXSolutions has a team of competent explosion protection engineers who can help. During the repair process, it’s critical to ensure that any parts are compliant with the hazardous area classification and are installed correctly.

Once repaired, the equipment can be re-inspected and put back into use in a hazardous area.



Service delivered by Pyroban’s EXSolutions team:

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Explosion proof lighting design and installation by Pyroban (ATEX / UKEX)

Types of equipment that need an ATEX audit

We can provide ATEX audits and inspections on all types of equipment used in hazardous area applications (onshore and offshore), such as:

  • Motors
  • Electrical systems
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Pumps
  • Engines
  • Switches
  • Process equipment
  • Vehicles
  • …..

Why do I need an ATEX audit?

ATEX 1999/92/EC requires the end user to “demonstrate that work equipment is designed and maintained with due regard for safety.”

EXSolutions ensures ATEX equipment is maintained in accordance with EN60079-17 which states that an inspection routine should be introduced to ensure the continued safe operation of equipment.

Refurbishment, modification or used ATEX equipment

An ATEX audit by EXSolutions gives confidence in the safety of any ATEX equipment and can be used in support of refurbishment, upgrades or modification programmes.

Our service is also becoming increasingly popular in support of the circular economy, and businesses focusing on sustainability, ESG (Environmental, social, governance) initiatives and reducing cost, particularly when used equipment has plenty of life left in it. An ATEX-ASA can be used during the used equipment buying or selling process.

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