There is an increasing demand for explosion proof forklifts in Asian markets, but not with just any explosion protection. Companies want “Pyroban” system design and product quality without having to send trucks to the UK Pyroban factory for conversion. Enter our longstanding collaborative China-based partner, PROTECT.

Here are five ways PROTECT helps Asian customers receive a Pyroban-level of service:

1. Ensuring explosion protection forklift conversions are carried out to Pyroban quality

PROTECT is led by Colin Easen, a former Pyroban employee from the UK, with over 20 years’ experience in Pyroban Ex protection systems. Through close technical collaboration with the UK factory, PROTECT successfully converts trucks to the Pyroban quality standard, with kits of parts from Pyroban. Conversions are carried out using PROTECT’s skilled engineering and production staff, and dedicated facility.

2. Offering a local price tariff

This helps companies in Asia to achieve the high quality explosion protection they require, in a more cost-effective way than sourcing solutions from overseas.

3. Providing local support

Fully trained engineers that are highly-experienced on Pyroban explosion proof systems provide an excellent level of support to give customers peace of mind every day.

4. Communicating in the local language

This is particularly important when discussing safety products and local explosion protection legislation. It also allows PROTECT staff to give a heightened level of support and build important relationships with its customer base throughout Asia.

5. Working in the same time zone and geographical location

This not only aids communication and customer support, PROTECT has also found that Pyroban conversions carried out in its Chinese facility help to provide reduced lead times for Asian customers. They hold a large stock of approved Pyroban parts to ensure timely shipments and are actively supported by Pyroban’s parts and technical support teams in the UK.

Who needs explosion protection in Asia?

Just like Pyroban, PROTECT provides explosion protection solutions and after sales support for Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22 hazardous areas to OEMs, suppliers, and end users. Industries in need of explosion protection throughout the region include:

Asian countries served by PROTECT include China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and others.

Pyroban and PROTECT have successfully collaborated to complete many explosion proof forklift truck conversions for customers in Asia.  PROTECT also provides support for oil and gas industry customers requiring explosion proof diesel engines including pre-sale interfacing, local execution if appropriate, and after sales support.

If you need to speak to PROTECT, call the Chinese speaking support line on:

  • +86 134 0506 3028
  • +86 512 6275 6800
  • +86 137 7182 3318

Or the English Speaking support line on: +86 151 5149 4877.

You can also email:

For more information visit or contact Pyroban directly: , +44 (0) 1273 456800.