Safety company Pyroban is now providing a shipping option for all its European customers making the process of transporting forklift trucks for ATEX conversion faster, cheaper and easier than it has ever been.

With a new agreement in place with a global logistics firm, Pyroban can now provide a complete transport service for trucks coming from the EU to the UK and then going back again to mainland Europe. All transport paperwork to and from the UK factory is now all taken care of by Pyroban, which in the past (before BREXIT) would still have taken a long time for forklift OEMs and dealers.

“We now just quote one price and take care of everything, like an ATEX concierge service” says Virginie Waldron, Sales Manager for Pyroban in Southern Europe. “We just need to know when and where to pick up and then deliver the truck at a price that will likely be comparative, or less than, it would have cost our customers if they were to organise it themselves.”

Transporting forklifts can be difficult to manage, with BREXIT making it even harder. Many forklift truck brands manufacture in the EU, such as Germany, so when a customer needs Pyroban explosion protection they are shipped to the UK for the six week conversion process. They are then often shipped back to the EU making the whole logistics process tough to manage, until now.

Pyroban is one of the leading explosion protection companies that converts forklift trucks for use in potentially explosive atmospheres at its factory in the UK.

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