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For Zone 2 hazardous areas we recommend active gas detection with system6000 as we believe this is the safest way to protect both your equipment and its operator. However, some situations do not allow gas detection or it may not be suitable, for example:

  • The operation gases cannot all be monitored by either a Pellistor or Infrared gas sensing head
  • Equipment requires constant operation and cannot be shut down
  • Legislation does not allow the use of gas detection

When gas detection is not required or not suitable for a Zone 2 certified area, Pyroban offer a passive solution for electric counter balance forklift trucks. Our Ex-tec 3G passive Zone 2 technology allows a counter balance forklift truck to operate safely in an ATEX certified area without the need for active gas detection.

All potential ignition sources are assessed and protected as necessary, either by replacing OEM components with protected Pyroban components, or by encapsulating and protecting any OEM parts.

All arcing and sparking components will be protected, and temperature monitoring will be installed to ensure that any heat generating components remain below the safe limits for the truck.

The Pyroban Ex-tec 3G conversion will be fully assessed by our engineers and will be undertaken at one of our Pyroban conversion centres - Pyroban BV for Europe and Pyroban Suzhou for Asia.

The Ex-tec 3G Zone 2 conversion allows you to continue your operation as normal, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from any potential explosion risk.

The Pyroban Ex-tec 3G conversion typically includes the following:

  • Explosion proof Exd enclosures for arcing and sparking components
  • Surface temperature limitation to ensure the motors, brakes, electrics and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures (T Class) of flammable materials
  • Stainless steel cladding of forks
  • Exd or Exe motors
  • Exi intrinsically safe circuits
  • Ex nA battery fitted with Exd plugs and sockets