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Pyroban can apply our Ex-tec 2G Zone 1 conversion technology to all makes and models of electric pallet stacker trucks.

Our extensive engineering experience allows us to design customised hazardous area Zone 1 protection for almost all types of warehouse equipment.

We will work with your engineers to develop a protection package to offer maximum safety with the minimum of impact on your truck. We ensure that all of the truck’s original ergonomics and specification is retained so that the Ex-tec 2G conversation has the smallest impact possible on the day to day running of your equipment.

The Pyroban Ex-tec 2G conversion typically includes the following:


  • Explosion proof Exd enclosures for arcing and sparking components
  • Surface temperature limitation to ensure the motors, brakes, electrics and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures (T Class) of flammable materials
  • Frame leakage monitoring
  • Stainless steel cladding of the forks
  • Exd or Exe motors
  • Exi intrinsically safe circuits
  • Exm encapsulation
  • Exe battery fitted with Exd plugs and sockets


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Cost and Time

The cost and production timeline for a Pyroban customised project will differ greatly depending on the complexity of the conversion process and the individual specification required.