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Pyroban can convert all brands and models of electric and diesel materials handling mobile equipment so that they are safe for use in Zone 2 certified hazardous areas.

Our gas detection product system6000 offers active protection in Zone 2 areas and can be adapted for use on all major OEM equipment.

Pyroban system6000 is a comprehensive safety system which our engineers will adapt to your equipment, ensuring it retains all of its original features and ergonomics. This conversion is undertaken at one of our Pyroban conversion centres in the UK, Europe or China.

Gas Detection

Your materials handling equipment with be fitted with a state of the art gas sensing head to allow it to detect gas when your truck is in operation. There are two different gas sensing heads, Pellistor and Infrared, and the suitable head will be fitted depending on your application and potential gas risks. In the event that a gas is detected, system6000 will shut down your equipment, protecting it from the risk of explosion. Find out more about Pellistor and Infrared

Control Module

The system6000 control module is fitted within easy reach of the operator, often within the cab or by the operating handle on warehouse equipment, and is used to start the system. It provides a continual interface between the equipment and the operator and is used to inform them when any gas is detected.


An important part of the system6000 conversion is ensuring that all components are protected and heat generating components are temperature monitored. Pyroban Zone 2 certified components will be used where necessary in place of any OEM components. If any temperature monitored component reaches a predetermined level, system6000 will automatically shut down the equipment so that it is protected from the risk of explosion.

Diesel Engine Shutdown

A diesel engine shutdown system will be fitted so that the materials handling equipment is protected from the dangers of engine overspeed, and to also shut down the equipment in the event of over-temperature and low oil pressure. The engine and all electrics are shut down over a period of 15 seconds and will gently bring the truck to a controlled stop.