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Infrared gas sensing technology is ideally suited to applications where a specific or limited range of flammable gases or vapours are present, as it does not respond accurately to all flammable materials.

It is recommended for sites where specific materials are used or stored such as aerosols, distilleries, cosmetics and oil and gas.

Unlike Pellistor based systems, it does not suffer from silicon poisoning, making it ideal for applications where silicones are present. It also offers faster start-up times, lower maintenance costs and in many applications quicker gas and vapour response times.

Our Equipment

We utilise infrared gas sensing technology in our system6000 and Gascheka Duo solutions. We also offer Pellistor gas sensing technology, read more about it here.

How do Infrared gas sensing heads work?

The Infrared gas sensing head works by measuring the radiation from a source which passes through a measuring cell to a detector. The infrared radiation is attenuated in the presence of hydrocarbons as it is absorbed by the hydrocarbon molecular bonds.

The response depends on the concentration of material present and the absorbance spectrum of the flammable hazard. Some materials give a good response while others give no response.