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When an application carries a risk of dust and vapours, Pyroban offer a passive solution for electric materials handling equipment. Our Dust-tec 2D/3D technology protects electrically powered mobile equipment operating in Zone 21 and Zone 22 ATEX certified areas.

The Dust-tec 2D/3D conversion allows you to continue your operation as normal, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from any potential explosion risk. For areas which carry an ATEX Zone 22 classification and may also carry a gas risk, Dust-tec can often be combined with system6000 gas detection.

Dust carries a different set of risks to gas applications, and our engineers will assess the application based on the following criteria:

Is it Conductive or Combustible? Flour, cocoa, coffee, milk, corn-starch, polymers, talcum powder, custard, sugar and paper fibres are all combustible. However carbon black, aluminium and other metals are likely to be conductive dusts and require additional precautions

What is the Ignition temperature? Cloud (C) and Layer (L)
Dust Cloud and Dust layers Ignite when in contact with hot surfaces. Materials handling equipment component temperatures must be limited to ensure their surface temperature cannot become a potential ignition source.

The Dust-tec 2D/3D conversion is a passive system without any active shut down technology – it will warn the operator if a dust or vapour is detected, but it is designed to continue operation safely.

The Pyroban Dust-tec 2D/3D conversion typically includes the following:

  • Enclosures where required for arcing and sparking components
  • Surface temperature limitation to ensure the engine, motors, brakes, electrics and other components remain below the auto-ignition temperatures (T Class) of flammable materials
  • Frame leakage monitoring
  • Stainless steel cladding of forks
  • Exd or Exe motors
  • Exi intrinsically safe circuits
  • Exm encapsulation
  • Exe battery fitted with Exd plugs and sockets